Commitment to Quality

The Durham Company’s quality philosophy is one of prevention rather than detection. Making it right the first time with conformance to specification requirements is our goal.

Quality Responsibility

Supplying quality products to our customers has been established as our first priority. 

To achieve this quality mission, each of our personnel is responsible for meeting the quality standards for work being done; quality must be “built in” rather than “inspected in”.

Our employees are responsible for performing to documented operating and quality procedures. The employee has the authority to halt and correct operations found to be producing nonconforming product.

As the product passes through the various processes, each individual assumes their quality responsibility and assures that the requirements of the customer are being met.

Employee Training

The Durham Management Team believes training is essential for quality employees. 

Our employee training consists of the Durham quality philosophy, the understanding and application quality techniques, methods, procedures. Additional employee training consist of “LEAN Manufacturing Techniques”, shop math, blueprint reading, precision measurement, and Front Line Supervisor skills.

ISO-9001 Quality Standard

In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement, The Durham Company has chosen the ISO 9001 Quality System Standard, as an effective blueprint for a solid quality management system. This standard provides guidance in all areas for understanding our customer’s requirements, both internal and external.

The Durham Company is using compliance to the ISO 9001 standard as the guide for our operations with the net result of consistency in operations, products, and services.

This Total Quality Assurance philosophy is necessary to meet the demand for higher quality products and competition in the marketplace.

Quality and process improvements are a total organizational commitment, and The Durham Company takes these issues seriously in order to maintain our current reputation and establish leadership and growth in the electrical industry


The Durham Company’s Quality Group has helped customers to improve their operations in the following ways:

1. Evaluating and helping customers to write product specifications which address their real needs, in product function, packaging, storage, and identification.

2. The conducting of specific product test or inspections at our facility, which allows for reduced customer incoming inspection requirements, with a savings for the customer.

3. Site visit to the customer locations and conducting quality audits, with recommended changes to aid in improved system operations.