We Are Proud to be your partner!

For quality, responsiveness and reliability, there is no better
partner for electric utilities than The Durham Company.

Sure, that's a bold statement to make to an industry that is demanding even more of its suppliers as deregulation raises the stakes. But we make the claim because every day at Durham excellence is the standard in product and service. This commitment is seen in our meter sockets, combination service entrance equipment, test switches, and pad mounted enclosures.

Teamwork is the secret to our competitiveness and to the success it brings our customers. Not the trendy kind of teamwork that companies everywhere think they can get overnight. Durham's teams have been together since 1984. They have developed a dynamic, problem-solving culture that keeps the entire company focused on cutting costs, improving quality and fine-tuning the production process.

Why? Because Durham's teams are inspired financially and professionally by their daily quest to be the best.

How? The Durham Company has been manufacturing electrical enclosures since 1959. We've learned how to make continuous improvement the most important part of every job.

Everyone at Durham knows that each step we save - extra step we take - keeps our customers winning in their own marketplaces. We understand that our work must support yours and we must keep stretching for that next level of quality and competitiveness that the market demands.