Employment Opportunities

The Durham Company, we have long realized that our people are our biggest asset.  Without our employees and their commitment to the company and the customer,The Durham Company could not have achieved the growth and the success that we have experienced over the years.  Likewise, The Durham Company is committed to their employees.  Many of our employees have been with the company since graduating from high school.  We have seen a janitor rise to the position of Vice President of Manufacturing.  We have seen a draftsman hired out of high school rise to positions of Engineering Manager and more recently Vice President.   We have seen somebody start in assembly and work their way into Sales Manager.  And these represent just a few examples of the many success stories where people have risen to the occasion and they have been promoted accordingly.

The Durham Company
 offers a competitive benefit package including health insurance for the employee as well as very reasonable family rates.  The Durham Company is committed to our employee’s long term financial security, and consequently offers an attractive 401K retirement plan.   The Durham Company is committed to the safety of our employees as demonstrated by the active safety committee and improvements we have made over the years.  The owners of the company neither expect nor desire their employees to engage in work that they would not be willing to do themselves. 

The Durham Company
 is committed to continuous education.  In the 1970’s, George E. Carr lead the organization through a massive transformation embracing the JIT philosophy.  He realized that in order to succeed, The Durham Company needed to “work smarter, not harder.”  Extensive training was provided for all employees in the subjects of JIT philosophy, Statistical Process Control and Team Problem Solving.   Although this initiative has changed over the years, the training has not.  Today, employees are expanding their basic knowledge of JIT philosophy and adding LEAN techniques such as Process Flow Mapping, Value Stream Analysis, Kaizen Events, and 5S Audits to their toolsets. 

We encourage you to find out more about us to see if you want to be a part of our team.  Positions range from manufacturing technicians in the specialties of operating CNC turret presses, punch presses, and press brakes to MIG and spot welding to powder coating and assembly.   We also have an increasing demand for skilled engineering technicians to utilize our state of the art CAD systems.  We employ numerous people in the field of sales including customer service reps, sales managers, manufacturing representatives, and sales engineers. 

Please contact Human Resources to inquire about employment opportunities or submit your resume.  This section of our website will give you basic information about working at Durham, including job postingss and benefits. 

The Durham Company is an Equal Opportunity and ADA Compliant Employer, and as such, all positions are open to qualified men and women.